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Design House / Prototyping

The CLS fabrication design department is driven by SigmaNEST and Solidworks using the very latest in CAD/CAM software. The software is an extremely versatile and accurate 3D modelling package designed to make sheet metal design and engineering assembly modelling simple. Currently we only offer Metal fabrication for prototyping.


Benefits to you

  1. 3D modelling is ideal to display to the customer simple or complex assemblies.

  2. We can Exchange drawings via DWG, DXF and IGES.

  3. True shape nesting allowing for optimal sheet utilisation.

  4. A maintained and up to date design service keeps us competitive.

The software is designed to seamlessly integrate with our laser profiling and turret punch machines. Allowing us to deliver parts to be profiled in an extremely fast and accurate manner. This combination of CAD/CAM software allows us to offer our customers a full design to manufacture service.

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