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Sheet Metal Punching

A cost effective and accurate technique for both small and large batch sheet metal manufacturing.

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Unrivalled Versatility

With an impressive 45+ tools, our Amada EM-2 features a quick swapping tool turret.


Without the need to manually swap tools or move materials we're able to save valuable time, achieving superior quality and quick results for our clients.

A photo of CLS Fabriction's Turret Punch Press. A machine which uses high speed cutting tools to punch out shapes in sheet metal. This machine has a rotating tool turret, allowing it to quickly swap between tools without slowing down.
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Amada EMZ-II 3612 Turret Punch Press CLS Fabrication Division Glasgow

CNC Turret Punch-Press

Turret punching is an accurate and cost effective method of cutting sheet metal for batch manufacturing. It has the ability to produce a large variety of components without retooling.

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Image by Radoslav Bali


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