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Sheet Metal Folding

Using CNC Folding and Press Brakes, we're able to create accurate folds and bends for all your sheet metal needs.

Bending To Meet Your Needs

Equipped with a wide range of bend tools and precise angle sensors, we're able to fold sheet metal to a range of angles, even with bend widths of up to 3 metres.

Metal folding allows us to achieve precise shaping, ensuring accurate dimensions and angles according to your project requirements.

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Strength & Stability

Bending sheet metal can enhance its structural integrity and strength, making it ideal for parts and components requiring durability and stability.

Folding is a versatile and efficient process, providing you with precise shapes and 

a metalworker inserts an aluminium sheet into CLS's metal folding machine
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CLS Fabrication's metal folding machine; with a powerful press and angled teeth to bend metal to any angle.

Sheet Folding Capacity


Beam Length

Beam Width

2200 kN

3220 mm

180 mm

Enquiries: Price Quote
Image by Radoslav Bali


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