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TIG, MIG & MMA Welding

Our team is experienced and equipped for all the welding your project demands. Welding solutions for every challenge.

a CLS metalworker wearing a welding mask and gloves carefully creates a corner weld joining two metal tubes

Welding a Way Forward

At CLS Fabrication, we offer 3 welding techniques to bring your projects to life; MIG, TIG, and MMA Welding.

Each method has it's strengths and advantages. Our skilled fabricators are ready to advise on the best weld for your project.

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TIG, MIG, & MMA Welding

TIG Welding. Creating the cleanest and highest quality weld for thin stainless steel and non-ferrous metals.

MIG Welding. The most common weld in the industry due to its unmatched speed and versatility.

MMA Welding. Most common in heavy steel construction and repairs due to its high strength.

Welder 3 CLS Fabrication Glasgow
Enquiries: Price Quote
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