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Sheet Metal Punching

A cost effective and accurate technique for both small and large batch sheet metal manufacturing.

So It's Fast?

Our powerful turret punches are capable of punching over 1200 hits per minute with a sheet capacity of over 3000 x 1500mm.

With an impressive 45+ tool quick swapping turret, we're able to achieve superior speed and quality for our clients.

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Unrivalled Versatility

With an impressive 45+ tools, our Amada EM-2 features a quick swapping tool turret.


Without the need to manually swap tools or move materials we're able to save valuable time, achieving superior quality and quick results for our clients.

A photo of CLS Fabriction's Turret Punch Press. A machine which uses high speed cutting tools to punch out shapes in sheet metal. This machine has a rotating tool turret, allowing it to quickly swap between tools without slowing down.
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Amada EMZ-II 3612 Turret Punch Press CLS Fabrication Division Glasgow

CNC Turret Punch-Press

Turret punching is an accurate and cost effective method of cutting sheet metal for batch manufacturing. It has the ability to produce a large variety of components without retooling.

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Image by Radoslav Bali


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